I will help you to make podcasting  part of your business strategy.

Experienced entrepreneur, media relations agency owner, podcaster, author and business coach.

I don't think you should be a podcast host.

But I do think you should use podcasts for your business.

My show, The UnNoticed Entrepreneur, is in the top 2.5% worldwide. But I've had to publish over 800 episodes to get there, and I've published 3 books too!

If you've got a business to run, a quicker way to build an audience and generate leads is by being a guest and leaving the hard work to hosts like me.

But there are more guests than hosts. It's a competition to get noticed.

That's why I've built these courses for you. 

Interview Technical Set Up

Zooming you Up!

Look and sound like a professional broadcaster without buying a webcam!

  • Expert guidance
  • Pentagon Approach
  • 5 Modules
  • Filmed Tutorials
  • Equipment lists
  • Essential Templates
  • AI Search bot Binkie
  • Mobile App by Kajabi
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Video Performance Evaluation

Personalised Review Of Your Video.

We analyse your video and provide recommendations to improve:

  • Sound quality¬†
  • Picture quality
  • Composition
  • Character
  • Delivery
  • Call to action
  • Transcript¬†
  • Recommendations¬†
  • Video Report
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Podcast Guest Blueprint

Comprehensive Podcast Guest Course

Leverage the power of podcasts for your business.

  • Expert guidance
  • 8 Modules
  • Filmed Tutorials¬†
  • Proven Scripts¬†
  • Case Studies
  • Weekly Calls
  • AI Search Bot Binkie
  • Mobile App by Kajabi
  • Online Community
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